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Terms & Conditions


No Selection or Holding Data

Failed to Download

Re Uploading Data

Recovering Data

Selection of the data need to be done within 30 working days for the selection data is  shared. post 45 working days if the selection is done TAT of delivering the data will be changed from 15 working days to 60 working days.

Any photo shoot selection is not done with in 1 years or 365 calender days from the client side we wont be responsible for the loss. if need additional time to do the selection and wish to hold the data in our secure cloud storage by paying Cloud storage charges.


Once the final image is delivered Kindly download before15 days image will be permanently removed from our Google drive.

Your Final data will be available with us for 6 months after delivering of the data however there will be re uploading charges is applicable

If you have not downloaded the data or lost the data if you wish to recover the data beyond 6 months from delivery of data. we can preform a recovery of data from our archive disk . Note we cannot Guarantee the data recovery will be successful. recovery charges is applicable

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